TEST RESULTS: What Your Body Fat Says About Your Hormonal State

Your Fat Storage Site = Belly/Abdominal

This indicates that you may have the following hormone imbalance:

Hormonal Imbalance (women): High Insulin/Low Growth Hormone/Low or High Estrogen/High Testosterone/High Cortisol

Hormonal Imbalance (men): High Insulin/Low Growth Hormone/High Estrogen/Low Testosterone/High Cortisol

The location of your trouble spot body fat is a direct reflection of your hormonal state. Your hormones impact where you store fat and how efficiently this fat can be reduced.

The TRUTH is that hormones are more important than simply "calories in/calories out" when it comes to losing fat from your worst trouble spots.

On the next page you will see why your current diet will NEVER eliminate your trouble spots and how some simple foods can fix your hormone imbalance and eliminate your trouble spot abdominal fat.

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